Singer. Actress. Propagandist. 1923 - 1999


Wireless in Wales

Wireless in Wales – a talk by David Crawford about Sefton Delmer featuring Agnes Bernelle – 15 January 2016 in Denbigh, North Wales

Unnerving Berlin by Sean O’Hagen

N.M.E. 1986

Enter stage left, a lit cigarette. As the light comes up, a cloud of exhaled smoke announces Agnes Bernelle’s arrival. Everything this lady does is invested with a mock …Read More

King Head Performance 1986 Times review

The title of Agnes Bernelle’s cabaret show, Father Lying Dead On The Ironing Board, comes from a song by the pre-war German writer Joachim Ringelnatz, whose lyrics, translated by Miss …Read More

New video of Kept Boy

Rough VHS recording of Alternative Miss Ireland 1996, with a performance by Agnes Bernelle & Marc Almond doing “Kept Boy”.

Recent Acqisition

I recently bought a copy of “Mother, The Wardrobe Is Full Of Infantrymen“, on vinyl, from Germany. The lp came with a signed photo, and a typed letter. I am …Read More

Renaissance Woman

From The Independent’s Weekend Magazine – Maggie Armstrong celebrates the life of musician, actress, black propagandist, peace activist and burlesque performer Agnes Bernelle.

Agnes Bernelle’s death on February 15 1999 brought …Read More

Agnes – Project Arts Centre

Agnes – a new dance work choreographed by David Bolger, who as a child was introduced to the theatre by his neighbour, Agnes Bernelle. She took him to Project Arts …Read More