Bernelle On Brecht And...

“Bernelle On Brecht And...” and… was produced by Philip Chevron of The Radiators and released in limited numbers by the Midnite Music Company in 1977, featuring Irish jazz musicians Louis Stewart and Peter O’Brien.

Bernelle On Brecht front cover

Track Listing:


  1. Mack The Knife *
  2. Barbara Song *
  3. Tootsies (The Juvenile Delinquent)
  4. Ilse
  5. Bilbao Song *
  6. Kanonen*


  1. Theme
  2. Ooplah (Song To Be Sung While Vaulting Over The Wooden Horse)
  3. St. Never-Never’s Day
  4. Pirate Jenny (Fantasies Of A Kitchen Maid) *
  5. Surabaya-Johnny *
  6. As You Make Your Bed *
  7. Finale *
Bernelle On Brecht back cover

Format: limited edition LP (700 copies)
Released by: The Midnight Music Co, 1977

Tracks marked *written by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.
Theme written by Kurt Weill.
St. Never-Never’s Day written by Andre Asriel & Bertolt Brecht
Tootsies written by Klabund & Michael Dress
Ilse written by Wedekind & Michael Dress
Ooplah written by Joachim Ringelnatz & Michael Dress

‘Tootsies’ and ‘Ooplah’ appear again on Father’s Lying Dead On The Ironing Board, the latter retitled as ‘The Horse’.

Bass – Bill Sloane
Drums – Bobby Bushnell
Guitar – Louis Stewart
Piano – Peter O’Brien
Producer – Philip Chevron
Saxophone – Jimmy McGivern