Mother, The Wardrobe Is Full Of Infantrymen

Agnes’ final recording included modern updates and songs written specifically for her, such as Marc Almond’s contribution “It Was Me”. (She would also guest vocal on his album of the same period, “The Stars We Are”). In my opinion, it is criminally under-rated and her masterpiece.

Mother, The Wardrobe Is Full Of Infantrymen cover

Track Listing:


  1. Olivia (Lyrics / Lusic: Desmond Leslie)
  2. Broken Bicycles (Lyrics / Lusic: Tom Waits)
  3. Gone Shopping (Lyrics / Lusic: P. Gaston & R. Kavana)
  4. In Amsterdam (Lyrics: Klabund, adapted by A.B. / Lusic: Michael Dress)
  5. The Merry Widow (Lyrics: Rudolf Bernauer / Lusic: Leo Fall)
  6. Julia (Lyrics / Music: Daniel Cainer)
  7. Song about Mary (Lyrics: Adrian Mitchell / Music: Michael Dress)
  8. The Road to Marseilles (Lyrics / Music: Daniel Cainer)


  1. Mother, the wardrobe is Full of Infantry Men (Lyrics: Roger McGough / Sfx: Desmond Leslie)
  2. I Slaughtered Auntie Alice (Lyrics: Frank Wederkind, adapted by A.B. / Music: Michael Dress)
  3. Go To The Wall (Lyrics: Christophe Logue / Music: Stanley Myers)
  4. Agatha (Lyrics / Music: Mark Bunyan)
  5. Harrassment (Der Fall in Den Fluss) (Lyrics: Alfred Lichtenstein, adapted by A.B. / Music: Michael Dress)
  6. Chocolate Eclair (Lyrics: Rudolf Bernauer / Music: Leo Fall & Willy Bredschneider)
  7. It Was Me (Lyrics: Marc Almond / Music: Billy McGee)
  8. The Triumph (Lyrics / Music: Peter Maxwell Davies)

Format: LP, CD
Released by: Some Bizzare, 1990

Backing Vocals – Sylvia Griffin
Bass, Violin – Steve Wishart
Drums – Jim Toler
Engineer – Jim Toler
Piano – Judith Franklin, Peter O’Brien
Producer – Charles Gray
Saxophone – Paul James (6)
Ukulele – Daniel Cainer

Inner Sleeve Details (pdf)

Agnes Bernelle Signed Photo 1989