Recordings by Agnes Bernelle


As an international cabaret singer she collaborated on record with artists such as Marc Almond, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and The Radiators. She released three albums. The first two albums are filled with songs from Weimar cabaret (her father Roudie Bernauer ran a cabaret in Berlin) and the third has more modern updates in the form of songs from Tom Waits and Roger McGough.

7″ Singles:

The Lost Noises Office

A: The Lost Noises Office (Vocal)
B: The Lost Noises Office (Instrumental)

Format: 7″ vinyl
Released: His Master’s Voice, 1958
Recorded by Desmond Leslie
From the BBC Children’s Radio Series

Lost Noises cover

“…It’s a fine musical story, and all SFX and weird sound was created by that well loved eccentric spitfire flying concrete mixing genius known as Desmond Leslie. Here Leslie is in fine form, using some of his sacrificial and avant garde musical techniques to full effect. …This was originally a BBC Broadcast with Agnes Bernelle as the narrator. Not only was she a sexy, dare I say exotic bird, but also an actress, friend of Deitrich and wife of Desmond Leslie.”

Kitty Ricketts

A: Kitty Ricketts (with The Radiators, written by Philip Chevron)
B: Things (with Peter O’Brian, written by C. Logue & S. Myers)

Format: 7″ vinyl
Released: Mulligan, 1979

Kitty Rickets front cover Kitty Rickets back cover


Tootsies cover


Living Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1962)
Voice Actor (Hippolyta, Fairy) – Agnes Bernelle

Kept Boy with Marc Almond from: The Stars We Are (1989 – CD/Cass versions only, Parlophone)

Kept Boy performance
Agnes Bernelle & Marc Almond performing “Kept Boy”

Unknown and unconfirmed release - Lullabies For Sleepy Lovers (U Recording, EP)